Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafting Bug

First off, yes this is my second blog within a week after not blogging for four months.  I have a slight lul in the workload and I am taking full advantage.

This pentacle took me quite some time to complete.  It started as just another design but I decided that I needed to meditate so I started to get intricate, and this is where I ended up. My grandmother gave me a special marker to do the super intricate stuff like the knotwork on the star and the vinework in the background.  It is one of my favorite pentacles that I have done to date.

Now to my blogging.  So recently, in the very little free time that I have, I have been on that death trap that they call Etsy, looking at all of the fun things that people craft and sell for exorbitant prices.  I never look with intent to purchase things, just to look and see what others are making. I quite enjoy going through the pagan things and seeing what all people make.  There is quite a bit of bullshit out there, but there are also some pretty good and interesting things there.  As I look through them, I think, some of these things are pretty cool, but I could totally make that on my own and make it better than they did.  I have no need to buy it from someone who is selling it for a ridiculous price.

The bad thing about Etsy, is that it awakens that part of me that wants to make things.  I love to be able to make things for myself.  It is one of my favorite parts of being a witch.  I can make most everything that I will need.  Over the summer I started my herb garden so that I could start making things for myself and using my herbs for cooking and all of that. My friends at school love my herbs and use them frequently.  Over the summer, my dearest friend and I made a list of things that we have to and want to craft for ourselves, because Ancasta shares my love of crafting.  I am of the belief that something made with one's own two hands is linked to the maker and are much more powerful than something that you just go and buy to the store.  Plus there is the added satisfaction of being able to say... "yep.  I made that. With these two hands," *holds up hands,* "I made that."  Things are never

Since I have started on my Etsy surfing, I have gotten the urge to craft, to make something with my own hands.  It is always there, but I have been so insanely busy that I havent had time to think about it.  Now it is coming back and I am yearning to do some more crafting than just what is in my art class, and I definitely do not have time for it.  What with there only being 2 and a half more weeks of class left before finals.  I have started compiling a list of crafts that I want to do.  Things that I can remember from the master list that Ancasta and I created over the summer (the list that she has), and things that I have gotten ideas for in my surfing and oogling.  I try to sate the need to craft with minor things.  I have made another batch of my headache cure, and the other day my friends and I had a steak night and I made some pretty delicious rubs for our steaks.  Sadly, that is all that I have time for in this mad rush of classes and tests and such.

I am so looking forward to winter break.  I will have all the time that I want as well as the help of Ancasta throughout my month-long break.  I am so thoroughly excited for it because this craft bug does not go away and hopefully it will be sated.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crafting, classes, and new living arrangements

First of all, I would like to apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere for 4 months.  I haven't had much inspiration and then I got back to school and became insanely busy.  At 18 credit hours of mostly hardcore science classes, I dont think that I can be blamed for a lack of time.  I have also been lacking time for witchery, but I've managed to squeeze some in here and there.  Mostly through my art class.

First off, my rather exciting plans for next year.  Myself and 6 of my closest friends at college have just recently signed a lease on a rental house here in Findlay.  It will be so nice to finally be off campus.  Our landlord is a kindly old gentleman who is being very lenient and loves having a group of college students.  It is a 5 bedroom house that is within walking distance of campus.  One of my favorite parts is that I get my own room by virtue of the fact that I am the only man in the house.  I will have my own room that I can witchify as much as I want.  Our landlord is even allowing candles and incense, which will be awesome.  It will be an interesting experience, and I will post picture of our house as soon as I have them.

In my art class, we have done a couple of projects that are turning out to be awesome and loads of fun.  The class is called Design in Crafting, so clearly it must be awesome.  So far we have made a clay box and a vampire stake, and we have a silver ring and a salad serving set in the works.  I have been trying to incorporate witchiness into every work. For the clay box, I put some pictish spirals on it and a triskelle on top.  I love working with clay, and being able to work some of myself into every bit of it.  This box turned out very nicely, and is currently awaiting use.  The vampire stake was just to practice woodworking, but it was a fun and interesting project anyway.  The salad serving set is not quote done yet, I am still sanding them and have to cut out the tines of the spork and to scoop out the bowl of the spoon.  The project that I have been most excited about was the ring.  We first carved the ring from a wax blank.  I spent 2 weeks getting it to the right size and polishing it as much as I could. I then carved the word "Draoi" into it in ogham, the celtic tree script.  It means druid in gaelic.  I worked quite a bit of energy into the wax as I carved it and smoothed it. Then I finally got to cast it in silver this morning.  It was nowhere near a perfect cast. The mold blew out a bit, and I had to grind a lot of excess off and the bottom portion of the ring casted very poorly. There is a gaping hole in the bottom, but my teacher says we can cut the bottom out and smooth it so it will still work.  I am currently in the process of sanding and grinding it down to make it shine and make it smooth.  Our next and final project is a small panel of stained glass.

I hope that in future I will be a little better about blogging, but I cant make any promises with finals being little more than a month away.  I will definitely post pics of the final salad set and the ring.  I plan on blessing and consecrating the ring when it is done. I cannot wait.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pyros unite.

I am getting my hands on a wood burner this afternoon.  Be afraid.  be very afraid.  As a cardinal water sign... fire is not always my best friend, but hopefully this goes well.  I was actually banned from fire by my friends(we just cant tell em bout this).  We shall see how it goes.  If yall hear about a house burning down in North Olmsted Ohio, you know what it was...

Also, look forward to more fun works of art from me

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Just Dont Understand People

First of all, let me start by saying that this is not one of those whiney blogs that is dripping with want for pity.  I dont want pity, I just want to vent about people and how I do not understand what the FUCK goes on in their heads sometimes.

First, a lil backstory.  Before I went to college, I was very involved in 4-H.  I leased and showed mini horses until the day that I finally got my own.  I couldn't afford to show or own a saddle horse, and the minis were enough fun as it was.  So I finally got my own Mini.  He was this fat little black horse who had more personality than your average person.  I instantly fell in love with the little guy and named him My Little Wizard.

This is him all prettied up before a show.

I showed him for three years and got him in shape and forged a close relationship. Anyone who is a horselover understands that the bond between a person and their first horse is an amazing thing.  Wizard was a best friend, and was there for me through some tough times.  I loved that little guy.

When college rolled around, I had to leave which meant that nobody could make it out to the barn to take care of Wizard as much as he needed.  So we found a 4-H family that leased him for a year.  He loves kids, so it was great to see him with a family with two little girls and a young boy to play with.  He was genuinely happy with them, so when it came time for his lease to expire we asked if they would be interested in buying the little guy.  They bought him about six months ago, and I was sad to see him go, but I was also happy that he was with a family that loved him and that could give him the attention he deserved.

Well I am back home for the summer and I decided to drop in a meeting of my old 4-H club because I want to be an advisor.  The lady who bought Wizard seemingly tried to slip out after the meeting but i cornered her and asked her how Wizard was doing.  It turns out that he got caught up in his stall and died almost a month ago.  I could tell that she was still shaken over it, but it did not make me any less angry.  Why the fuck did I not get a phone call to tell me that my best friend was dead?  I know that he wasnt technically my horse anymore, but i think that I deserve at least that much respect.  I dont blame them for what happened, it was a freak accident.  But I do think that is was selfish and asinine to not tell me that my horse was dead.  Had the tables been turned and I was the one with a dead horse, yes, i would have been crushed.  However, I would have the decency to tell them in a timely manner.  I dont even think they were going to tell me, but I had managed to corner the woman after the meeting.  That is just so infuriating.

Am I overreacting? I dont think so, but maybe you have different opinions. Feel free to tell me what you think about this.

Anywho... here is to Wizard.  My best friend and first horse.  I still love him and I hope that he is just as amazing a soul in his next incarnation.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Herbcrafting Kick

Next piece of pagan art. This is a goddess-themed pentacle.  It was kinda just something fun and colorful. 

Maybe it is just the surge of life that comes with springtime, but i have been on an herbal kick of late.  I have flowerpots all over the front porch and the deck with various things planted in them, and I want more.  My dad is starting to get annoyed with all the sprouting foliage around the house, but he is just going to have to deal.

So far, I have parsley, oregano, and chive sprouted and growing strong.  I also have spearmint and lemongrass planted and it should be sprouting any day now.  I also want more.  I have been applying for jobs in the area and as soon as I have some income, I plan on getting some more seeds to plant and grow them over the summer and then take them to college so that I can harvest herbs all year long.  It is a rather exciting prospect as my friends have a house and I can leave my plants that don't fit in my dorm room there and we can use them in our cooking.  I can also harvest and dry some for use in whatever i need them for.

I have also been thoroughly interested in wildcrafting.  As I wrote about in my last blog, my family and I went camping last weekend and my mom and I spent quite a bit of time exploring the hills and finding plants.  We are going again this weekend and I am quite excited to explore some more and maybe bring some things home.  I also invested a gift card in a plant identification book.  Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and medicinal Plants.  I dont know how good it is, but we shall see when it arrives in the next two or three days. 

I want to work on my plant knowledge because, frankly, it sucks.  I could identifiy some of the obvious ones, but for the most part I am terrible with plant identification.  If any of my 5 readers knows of good books feel free to recommend them to me. I dont really have anyone who can teach me and I really want to learn.

That is all for this blog.  Hopefully I will be able to post some more blogs in the near future as I am jobless thus far this summer.

Blessed Be

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Primitive camping and a connection with nature

So my family and I went camping this weekend for mother's day on our family's property in southern Ohio.  It is a 60-acre patch of land that we go down to camp on and refer to as Harrison.  We plan on moving down there but the cabin is yet to be built due to lack of funding. So we are content to camp in tents and our camper that we have permanently set up down there.  This was a short camping trip as we left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday night, but it has been over a year since i have been there so any time there is amazing for me.

Harrison is old coal land in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  It used to be heavily forested and chock full of wildlife until some idiot discovered coal.  So then, it was strip-mined to fulfill the greed of man.  Once everything of any value in the area was stolen, it was parceled off and sold dirt cheap.  Now, it is all either privately owned or part of state parks.  The trees are coming back and new lakes and ponds dot the landscape.  There are young forests forming all over and there are even a few gigantic trees that escaped the strip mining that now stand as great lords of the forest.  This is one of my favorite parts about the property.  It is proof that even through some of the worst of human's greed, nature can still bounce back strong.

We spent friday night etting up our camp and I just reacquainted myself with the area.  We sat around the fire until about midnight when the storms started to blow in, then spread the fire and moved into the camper. I stood outside until the rain became to heavy and then i moved to my bed inside. I fell asleep to the lullaby of rain lashing the camper and thunder shaking the earth around me.  It was quite an amazing experience that I have not had the pleasure of in quite some time.  The morning dawned wet and cold and we cooked a delicious breakfast of hobo pies on the camp fire.  Dad and my brother were all about the fishing so mom and I tagged along and explored the lake while they fished. I found a hole patch of wild onions and so i rooted out some onions and explored the old beaver dam while my dad and brother competed for fish.  We then moved to another lake and of course, dad and jake fished while mom and I took the dogs and explored the surrounding area.  It was a great experience.  Mom and visited and old great oak tree that I cant even stretch my arms half way around.  We discovered a ton of different plants and herbs and flowers and got quite a workout scaling the slope.  I felt so connected with nature, it was amazing.

Unfortunately, we had to come home to suburbia, so here I am blogging.  I think that spending time in wilder places is great for modern man.  I love these modern conveniences, but I've never felt at home in suburbia.  This closed-packed urban hell is just not for me.  I find myself closer to the gods and closer to myself when I am wandering the hills, discovering the treasures of nature.

Ain't that just the most redneck setup that you ever did see?
our quite cozy home away from
Me.  Exploring with the dogs.
Dad's big catch
My brother's big catch
My big find :)  A wild onion.  I was told that I'm not allowed to smile

 This is our lake, and the one around which we hiked and explored to find all of those flowers and plants above.  it was formed by a beaver who dammed up a stream.  Unfortunately, due to the greed and sheer blood lust of man, the dam was destroyed and the beaver killed, just because.  That is the story for another blog.
Here is The Lord of the Wood.  A gigantic oak tree that is so big around, i cannot even get my arms half-way around.  Standing next to this tree is an experience.  It is so old and wise, and full of energy.
My dog Chance enjoying the lake
My other dog, Jenna
The other lord of the wood, a massive beech tree that was struck by lightning and yet still holds his reign over the other trees in the area.
All of us were worn out.  Even the dogs

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Macroinvertebrates and my thoughts on city witchery

This piece was kind of a random one.  I just started with some intricate knotting and it radiated into this.  I am quite proud of it as it is the best celtic knot work that i have produced to date.

Now to the blog.

Today, my friends and I decided to be nature dorks.  We wandered down to a small stream on the north end of the Findlay campus and spent about an hour searching for macroinvertebrates.  A.K.A.  the awesome little creepy crawlies in streams and ponds and such.  Our hopes were not high as the creek is not a very good ecosystem.  It runs through a city so it is polluted as all get out, and the university just shut down our ice rink and dumped all of the water down into the creek  (yeah it pisses me off too, but that is a different story.)  The creek actually turned out to be a little healthier than we expected, which was quite the suprise.

We found tons of aquatic worms.  We found a bunch of crayfish, but could only catch one for observation. he was a cool little bugger and missing a claw and antenna.  we found a scud and a sick fish with some sort of tumor on its side. We also found dozens of bivalve shells that we are going to bleach in the sun and make necklaces out of.  We also discovered several caches of fish eggs, which we carefully replaced so as not to injure the future fry.  the creek was full of minnows and water striders as well, but those are hard to catch with one's bare hands.  It was great to see a creek that is flourishing despite the massive destruction being inflicted by man.

So this whole experience got me thinking about how much I love nature and how much i really want to live in the middle of nowhere so that I don't have to deal with people when I am at home.  I currently switch back and forth between living on a college campus and living in suburbia.  I cant say that I care for either one as I am quite effectively cut off from nature.  I love camping and being completely immersed in mother nature, it makes me thoroughly happy.

This also got me thinking about some debating that I had with several witches a few years ago.  They were the witches who lived in the big city and had nearly completely cut themselves off from nature,  and they loved it.  They didn't think that nature was all that important, and were quite content to live in the heart of a massive city and not have to deal with nature.  this got me heated up because i believe that nature is the source of our power as witches, and was the whole reason for magick to begin with.  Magick was originally used for a successful hunt and a bountiful harvest.  Furthermore, the god and goddess are in nature.  They dont exist in skyscrapers and massive cities.  They are in the soil, the rocks, the trees, the animals the plants. 

I know the whole to each his/her own, but i just don't understand the allure of city witchery.  What got me involved in the craft was wanting to be closer the the earth and I have made myself an advocate of nature.  So i guess you could say that I am a little biased, but it makes absolutely no sense to me.  I'm not even going to start with online covens and such.  that is a whole separate blog in itself.  What do yall think?  I want to know the consensus on the topic that i have dubbed city witchery.  Legit magick or udder twaddle-speak?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am a witch damnit!

Okay so before i get into my ranting... here is more art.

This is a pencil drawing of Cernunnos, my patron God.  I attempted to color it, but it did not turn out too well so I left it in black and white.  I hope that you all enjoy it.  I am quite proud of it, as my human (or satyr in this case) drawing skills are not all that great usually.

Now to my ranting....
As I have said in past blogs, I attend a religious university.  The pagan population here is very minimal, and, as I am starting to learn, quite uneducated.  This is starting to annoy me.  I met a girl in theatre who claimed to be a wiccan.  I had a feeling she was one of those people who got into wicca as part of a rebellious stage,  but, being a fairly good person, i kept an open mind.  We started discussing religion backstage the one day, and I was sorely tempted to smack her.

Now, i understand your average person who knew nothing about withchery not knowing the terminology.  In fact i have gotten used to explaining it to friends and acquaintances who don't know any better, and i harbor no ill will towards them.  But, in my opinion, if you are a witch or wiccan, you should know that the term for a practitioner of magick whether male or female is "witch."  This girl looked at me like I was crazy when i described myself as a witch. She told me that I was wrong, and that I am a warlock or wizard.  I hope that you are facepalming at this point, because if you aren't, you shouldn't be reading my blog.  She was adamant that I was wrong, and that she had been a wiccan for three years and she was right.  As i said before, this kind of talk is acceptable from someone who is your average every day person, but from a wiccan who claimed to be practicing for years it is just unacceptable.  I dont know any modern wiccan trad that uses the terms "warlock" or "wizard" to describe their male members.  According to wikipedia, warlock means oath-breaker or deceiver.  I am neither and I resent  being called one by someone who should know better.

It probably wouldnt bother me so much if it was just one person, but i have had several people who claim to be witches who have had this argument with me and I am quite tired of it.

that is all

Monday, March 29, 2010

My new design

So this amazing new design is courtesy of my most amazing and dearest friend, Ancasta.  She is a computer wiz and i am absolutely amazed with the magic that she weaved with my blog.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Ancasta I love you

That is all  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Revelation.. a long overdue blog about my religious awakening over the past few months

Firstly, I have decided to do something with each blog.  I am somewhat of an artist and I like to show off my work.  So i have decided that I am going to feature a different piece of work with each blog post because I love to hear people's reactions to my work.  I love feedback, so please leave some about both the blog and the art.

This piece is one that I have recently done.  it is a Horned-God Pent.  i eventually want this as a tattoo on my chest.  It was inspired by a recent connection that I have been developing with the god Cernunnos and one of my spirit animals, the stag.  I find this to be one of my favorites pieces and I think it is fitting for the first piece that I share.

          I am a witch.  It is quite an awakening experience to say that.  I have called myself a Wiccan for several years now, and I have recently found myself not agreeing with all things wiccan.  I cant really say exactly when i had the revelation.  It was not one singular moment really.  It happened over a period of time.  But the overall result has been that I am not a wiccan.  I am a witch.  I am an ecclectic witch and I want to howl it to the moon as loud as my lungs will allow.  This revelation alone has brought me closer to my deities and made me infinitely more spiritual and made my magic feel much more real and amazing as ever.  I cant even describe in words how amazing it feels.

         It is an amazing feeling to find myself in a place that feels so right.  Wicca found me, but i think that i called myself a wicca for lack of a better term.  I discovered that I am not truly a wiccan.   Modern wicca has moved quite a distance from its original intentions and I don't believe that i would have even fit in with wicca in its original intentions.  Wicca has become a religion of tradition, and i am not in any tradition nor have I found a trad that fits my system of beliefs and that I truly want to follow.  I have found some that I could settle and live with, but this is my religion and I have to settle for so many other things.  I refuse to settle for religion just to fit in with people that I don't agree with.  Wicca is also fast becoming a goddess cult, which does not sit well with me.  After reading about several traditions (including those crazy Dianic Wiccans) i find that there is too much goddess and not enough god for me.  It is my belief, that things should be about the duality of this universe.  The God should be noticed and worshiped equally as much as the Goddess, and that is not so in far too many wiccan and even pagan traditions.  That does not sit well with Iolair Stormwing.  I have my patron, Cernunnos and I worship him just as much as I worship the goddess who i have yet to put a name to in my life.  Im not saying that there is anything wrong with wicca, im just saying it is not for me.  and after having that revelation, it is one of the most amazing feelings that i have ever experienced in my life.

I am a witch.  A cauldron-stirring, herb-growing, grimoire-writing, fire-dancing, God and Goddess-loving WITCH!!!  And I howl it at the moon with all the pride that I can muster

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jumping on the "An it Harm None" bandwagon

Okay, so I have been reading a multitude of posts recently about the portion of the Wiccan Rede that a good number of witches take to heart.  Im sure you all know what I am talking about.  "An it Harm None, Do What Thou Will."  It has been thrown back and forth lately and I decided to throw my opinion out there for those who want to hear it.  (I like to pretend that people actually like to hear my opinion, but I know the truth.)  Now, I do not consider myself a wiccan, but i think that the rede is a good thing for even witches to follow, as long as they follow it in the right way.

Personally, i believe that the rede should not be applied to every day life and every situation.  The idea of not harming anyone was taken from the original idea of the rede and stretched beyond belief.  I am not, by any means, saying that it is okay to harm someone in any situation.  I am saying that the idea of "harm none" is may out of control.  I have met people, and read blogs of people who take the rede so much to heart that they would not even do harm if it were to protect themselves or their families.  I dont agree with this point of view at all. 

I am also coming from the point of view of a Pre-Veterinary Medicine major.  I am going to be a veterinarian within the next six to eight years, and that job would require me to cause pain in order to help animals.  I am going to have to euthanize animals, and i see no issue there as long as it is better for the animal.  (this is a whole different blog topic that i am not going into here.)  I am going to have to draw blood, and place IV's and many other things that will knowingly cause the animal pain, but will also get it on the way to healing and getting better.  This is not the place to apply the rede.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend.  It hurt her a very great deal.  I am an empath, I can feel how much it crushed her. It needed to be done.  For my own sanity and to help her in the long run.  I knowingly hurt her, and i dont think that I will receive any negative effects for it.  This is not where the rede should apply.  There are countless times in ones life in which you will have to hurt someone, and its just part of being alive in our society.  It cannot be escaped. 

Where should the rede be applied?  It is very simple, and i think it has more to do with the original intent of the rede than anyone realizes.  Magick. It is as simple as that.  Magick can be a very powerful thing, and can easily be used to harm someone.  There are also cases in which it accidentally harms someone.  I think that the main idea of the rede is saying, do whatever magick you want, as long as you are not knowingly harming someone.  Magick has many uses, and us witches put them to use.  Personally, i will never perform magick that will knowingly harm another living thing, it just goes against my morals.

Thats my opinion on the rede, feel free to refute me or just send happy supporting comments.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cunning Folk?... I think not

So I recently had an experience on Facepook that had me thinking quite deeply.  but first ill talk a bit about myself as I have not posted in a while.

I am a single man.  I have recently dumped my girlfriend as I was not happy with the situation.  We are trying to be friends, but who knows how well that will work out.  Girls are kinda crazy.

I am back in Findlay and already hitting the books hard (or they are hitting me, i should say).  This is going to be a rough semester considering my schedule consists of general chemistry 2 lecture, physics 2 lecture, cell biology lecture, statistics, gen chem 2 lab, physics 2 lab, cell bio lab, and physiology of animal reproduction and growth.  The only class of which I like is repro.  It is going to be a very labor intensive semester for me and I need A's so y'all will know why if I am scarce.

now back to my topic...

I have recently gotten into joining pagan facebook groups in order to meet new pagans and give what i have to offer to those new, starting off witches so as to avoid a whole new generation of witches following the teachings of Silver Ravenwolf or Fiona Horne.  I found one that seemed innocent enough.  There were only a few members and the administrator of the group  seemed to be a well-informed young man who posted a lot of accurate, factual information in his groups feed.  So i read some of what he posted and I posted information about my two favorite shops aswell as a quick bio about myself.

The admin seemed to take a liking to me, and immediately friend requested me and sent me a message outlining what his purpose was with the group.  Honestly, he had me running for the hills at this point.  First of all, what kind of idiot is going to friend request someone just based on their little bio on a facebook group, that seems dumb and careless, but it stopped suprising me the more i thought about and read his message.  What was his plan you ask?

He wanted to collect a group of witches to be his "cunning folk," and people can contact him via the facebook group or email with a problem that needed magickal help and he would dispatch a witch of group of witches in order to perform the necessary magick for a fee to be determined by the witches involved.  He even talked about performing services over the net. ( I sure hope that you are facepalming as badly as I was when I read this crap). So essentially, this man wanted to be a pimp and for us self-respecting witches to be his hoes.  I have a problem with that.

For those of you who dont know what "cunning folk" are, Sarah Lawless wrote a lovely article about them.  You can learn a little about the idea of cunning folk if you so choose

Now, I know that in olden times, witches would perform services for people in exchange for some sort of payment whether it be food, animals, shelter, etc.  This was in a time when magick was taken far more seriously and people were far less intent of suing for all that they can get.  In today's times, there are so many people who are afraid of being screwed, and there have been many cases of fraud witches milking naive people for all that they have.  There are too many people out there who could pose for witches and take advantage of the average person out there.  If you ask me, the administrator of this group is putting himself in a precarious position, and he could be quite liable for the witches that he so naively pimps out.

Personally, I do not agree with charging for one's magickal workings.  I have been told that this idea of not charging for ones work is of North American origin, and I feel that it is a very good idea.  I perform tarot and oracle readings for people and I do not ask for anything in return.  I look forward for the ability to practice and work on my abilities and build various skills.  I would glady work magick for people that I know, but i would not charge for it, I just dont agree with such things.

Another issue that was raised in my mind is the fact that magick works best when there is a connection between the witch and the one requesting work.  I am all for the mixing of natural remedies and such, and they are effective no matter who uses them, but magickal work is not so universal.  It is never as strong as when the witch and "client" have some sort of connection.  One would have to be a quite powerful witch in order to work magick on a complete stranger.  This brings up more liability issues for the administrator of the group.

As far as online magick, thats just a whole new issue of stupidity that I do not have space for unless I want to make this blog into a novel.  I think that it is utter bull and thats all you need to know. 

I think that the owner of this group does not realize what he is doing or the trouble that he could get in if his witch-pimp idea comes to fruition.

Honestly, I want to know others opions on this topic.  You know how I feel, and I want to know how you (my whopping two followers (love you guys)) think.

thank you for listening to me bitch
Iolair Stormwing