Monday, December 28, 2009

Pine Oil

So I have started making my own simple oils, starting with some pine needles from our yule tree.  I have no idea what I am doing, but I am bumbling my way ahead and doing okay. 

I took some pine needles from our tree and bruised them with my mortar and pestle.  My Christmas tree is a beautiful white spruce that my mom and I picked out.  It is a little on the dry side, but it still smells wonderful.  The bruised needles were very fragrant.  Ive heard that bruising the herb before placing in oil increases the release of the plant's oils and whatnot.  So I put the bruised needles in an empty and clean baby food jar and filled it to the brim with olive oil.  I have been turning the jar and making sure that everything mixes.  I have heard that this process takes some time, like a few months to be exact, but I have patience (well some anyway).  Hopefully after a few months I will have some lovely pine oil.  I will let you know that results when i have them.

If anyone has any more ideas or suggestions I am more than willing to listen and try them.  I am still an amateur witch, and willing to learn all that I can.  So send your suggestions and thought my way please.