Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am a witch damnit!

Okay so before i get into my ranting... here is more art.

This is a pencil drawing of Cernunnos, my patron God.  I attempted to color it, but it did not turn out too well so I left it in black and white.  I hope that you all enjoy it.  I am quite proud of it, as my human (or satyr in this case) drawing skills are not all that great usually.

Now to my ranting....
As I have said in past blogs, I attend a religious university.  The pagan population here is very minimal, and, as I am starting to learn, quite uneducated.  This is starting to annoy me.  I met a girl in theatre who claimed to be a wiccan.  I had a feeling she was one of those people who got into wicca as part of a rebellious stage,  but, being a fairly good person, i kept an open mind.  We started discussing religion backstage the one day, and I was sorely tempted to smack her.

Now, i understand your average person who knew nothing about withchery not knowing the terminology.  In fact i have gotten used to explaining it to friends and acquaintances who don't know any better, and i harbor no ill will towards them.  But, in my opinion, if you are a witch or wiccan, you should know that the term for a practitioner of magick whether male or female is "witch."  This girl looked at me like I was crazy when i described myself as a witch. She told me that I was wrong, and that I am a warlock or wizard.  I hope that you are facepalming at this point, because if you aren't, you shouldn't be reading my blog.  She was adamant that I was wrong, and that she had been a wiccan for three years and she was right.  As i said before, this kind of talk is acceptable from someone who is your average every day person, but from a wiccan who claimed to be practicing for years it is just unacceptable.  I dont know any modern wiccan trad that uses the terms "warlock" or "wizard" to describe their male members.  According to wikipedia, warlock means oath-breaker or deceiver.  I am neither and I resent  being called one by someone who should know better.

It probably wouldnt bother me so much if it was just one person, but i have had several people who claim to be witches who have had this argument with me and I am quite tired of it.

that is all

Monday, March 29, 2010

My new design

So this amazing new design is courtesy of my most amazing and dearest friend, Ancasta.  She is a computer wiz and i am absolutely amazed with the magic that she weaved with my blog.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Ancasta I love you

That is all  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Revelation.. a long overdue blog about my religious awakening over the past few months

Firstly, I have decided to do something with each blog.  I am somewhat of an artist and I like to show off my work.  So i have decided that I am going to feature a different piece of work with each blog post because I love to hear people's reactions to my work.  I love feedback, so please leave some about both the blog and the art.

This piece is one that I have recently done.  it is a Horned-God Pent.  i eventually want this as a tattoo on my chest.  It was inspired by a recent connection that I have been developing with the god Cernunnos and one of my spirit animals, the stag.  I find this to be one of my favorites pieces and I think it is fitting for the first piece that I share.

          I am a witch.  It is quite an awakening experience to say that.  I have called myself a Wiccan for several years now, and I have recently found myself not agreeing with all things wiccan.  I cant really say exactly when i had the revelation.  It was not one singular moment really.  It happened over a period of time.  But the overall result has been that I am not a wiccan.  I am a witch.  I am an ecclectic witch and I want to howl it to the moon as loud as my lungs will allow.  This revelation alone has brought me closer to my deities and made me infinitely more spiritual and made my magic feel much more real and amazing as ever.  I cant even describe in words how amazing it feels.

         It is an amazing feeling to find myself in a place that feels so right.  Wicca found me, but i think that i called myself a wicca for lack of a better term.  I discovered that I am not truly a wiccan.   Modern wicca has moved quite a distance from its original intentions and I don't believe that i would have even fit in with wicca in its original intentions.  Wicca has become a religion of tradition, and i am not in any tradition nor have I found a trad that fits my system of beliefs and that I truly want to follow.  I have found some that I could settle and live with, but this is my religion and I have to settle for so many other things.  I refuse to settle for religion just to fit in with people that I don't agree with.  Wicca is also fast becoming a goddess cult, which does not sit well with me.  After reading about several traditions (including those crazy Dianic Wiccans) i find that there is too much goddess and not enough god for me.  It is my belief, that things should be about the duality of this universe.  The God should be noticed and worshiped equally as much as the Goddess, and that is not so in far too many wiccan and even pagan traditions.  That does not sit well with Iolair Stormwing.  I have my patron, Cernunnos and I worship him just as much as I worship the goddess who i have yet to put a name to in my life.  Im not saying that there is anything wrong with wicca, im just saying it is not for me.  and after having that revelation, it is one of the most amazing feelings that i have ever experienced in my life.

I am a witch.  A cauldron-stirring, herb-growing, grimoire-writing, fire-dancing, God and Goddess-loving WITCH!!!  And I howl it at the moon with all the pride that I can muster