Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Macroinvertebrates and my thoughts on city witchery

This piece was kind of a random one.  I just started with some intricate knotting and it radiated into this.  I am quite proud of it as it is the best celtic knot work that i have produced to date.

Now to the blog.

Today, my friends and I decided to be nature dorks.  We wandered down to a small stream on the north end of the Findlay campus and spent about an hour searching for macroinvertebrates.  A.K.A.  the awesome little creepy crawlies in streams and ponds and such.  Our hopes were not high as the creek is not a very good ecosystem.  It runs through a city so it is polluted as all get out, and the university just shut down our ice rink and dumped all of the water down into the creek  (yeah it pisses me off too, but that is a different story.)  The creek actually turned out to be a little healthier than we expected, which was quite the suprise.

We found tons of aquatic worms.  We found a bunch of crayfish, but could only catch one for observation. he was a cool little bugger and missing a claw and antenna.  we found a scud and a sick fish with some sort of tumor on its side. We also found dozens of bivalve shells that we are going to bleach in the sun and make necklaces out of.  We also discovered several caches of fish eggs, which we carefully replaced so as not to injure the future fry.  the creek was full of minnows and water striders as well, but those are hard to catch with one's bare hands.  It was great to see a creek that is flourishing despite the massive destruction being inflicted by man.

So this whole experience got me thinking about how much I love nature and how much i really want to live in the middle of nowhere so that I don't have to deal with people when I am at home.  I currently switch back and forth between living on a college campus and living in suburbia.  I cant say that I care for either one as I am quite effectively cut off from nature.  I love camping and being completely immersed in mother nature, it makes me thoroughly happy.

This also got me thinking about some debating that I had with several witches a few years ago.  They were the witches who lived in the big city and had nearly completely cut themselves off from nature,  and they loved it.  They didn't think that nature was all that important, and were quite content to live in the heart of a massive city and not have to deal with nature.  this got me heated up because i believe that nature is the source of our power as witches, and was the whole reason for magick to begin with.  Magick was originally used for a successful hunt and a bountiful harvest.  Furthermore, the god and goddess are in nature.  They dont exist in skyscrapers and massive cities.  They are in the soil, the rocks, the trees, the animals the plants. 

I know the whole to each his/her own, but i just don't understand the allure of city witchery.  What got me involved in the craft was wanting to be closer the the earth and I have made myself an advocate of nature.  So i guess you could say that I am a little biased, but it makes absolutely no sense to me.  I'm not even going to start with online covens and such.  that is a whole separate blog in itself.  What do yall think?  I want to know the consensus on the topic that i have dubbed city witchery.  Legit magick or udder twaddle-speak?