Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Herbcrafting Kick

Next piece of pagan art. This is a goddess-themed pentacle.  It was kinda just something fun and colorful. 

Maybe it is just the surge of life that comes with springtime, but i have been on an herbal kick of late.  I have flowerpots all over the front porch and the deck with various things planted in them, and I want more.  My dad is starting to get annoyed with all the sprouting foliage around the house, but he is just going to have to deal.

So far, I have parsley, oregano, and chive sprouted and growing strong.  I also have spearmint and lemongrass planted and it should be sprouting any day now.  I also want more.  I have been applying for jobs in the area and as soon as I have some income, I plan on getting some more seeds to plant and grow them over the summer and then take them to college so that I can harvest herbs all year long.  It is a rather exciting prospect as my friends have a house and I can leave my plants that don't fit in my dorm room there and we can use them in our cooking.  I can also harvest and dry some for use in whatever i need them for.

I have also been thoroughly interested in wildcrafting.  As I wrote about in my last blog, my family and I went camping last weekend and my mom and I spent quite a bit of time exploring the hills and finding plants.  We are going again this weekend and I am quite excited to explore some more and maybe bring some things home.  I also invested a gift card in a plant identification book.  Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and medicinal Plants.  I dont know how good it is, but we shall see when it arrives in the next two or three days. 

I want to work on my plant knowledge because, frankly, it sucks.  I could identifiy some of the obvious ones, but for the most part I am terrible with plant identification.  If any of my 5 readers knows of good books feel free to recommend them to me. I dont really have anyone who can teach me and I really want to learn.

That is all for this blog.  Hopefully I will be able to post some more blogs in the near future as I am jobless thus far this summer.

Blessed Be

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