Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Just Dont Understand People

First of all, let me start by saying that this is not one of those whiney blogs that is dripping with want for pity.  I dont want pity, I just want to vent about people and how I do not understand what the FUCK goes on in their heads sometimes.

First, a lil backstory.  Before I went to college, I was very involved in 4-H.  I leased and showed mini horses until the day that I finally got my own.  I couldn't afford to show or own a saddle horse, and the minis were enough fun as it was.  So I finally got my own Mini.  He was this fat little black horse who had more personality than your average person.  I instantly fell in love with the little guy and named him My Little Wizard.

This is him all prettied up before a show.

I showed him for three years and got him in shape and forged a close relationship. Anyone who is a horselover understands that the bond between a person and their first horse is an amazing thing.  Wizard was a best friend, and was there for me through some tough times.  I loved that little guy.

When college rolled around, I had to leave which meant that nobody could make it out to the barn to take care of Wizard as much as he needed.  So we found a 4-H family that leased him for a year.  He loves kids, so it was great to see him with a family with two little girls and a young boy to play with.  He was genuinely happy with them, so when it came time for his lease to expire we asked if they would be interested in buying the little guy.  They bought him about six months ago, and I was sad to see him go, but I was also happy that he was with a family that loved him and that could give him the attention he deserved.

Well I am back home for the summer and I decided to drop in a meeting of my old 4-H club because I want to be an advisor.  The lady who bought Wizard seemingly tried to slip out after the meeting but i cornered her and asked her how Wizard was doing.  It turns out that he got caught up in his stall and died almost a month ago.  I could tell that she was still shaken over it, but it did not make me any less angry.  Why the fuck did I not get a phone call to tell me that my best friend was dead?  I know that he wasnt technically my horse anymore, but i think that I deserve at least that much respect.  I dont blame them for what happened, it was a freak accident.  But I do think that is was selfish and asinine to not tell me that my horse was dead.  Had the tables been turned and I was the one with a dead horse, yes, i would have been crushed.  However, I would have the decency to tell them in a timely manner.  I dont even think they were going to tell me, but I had managed to corner the woman after the meeting.  That is just so infuriating.

Am I overreacting? I dont think so, but maybe you have different opinions. Feel free to tell me what you think about this.

Anywho... here is to Wizard.  My best friend and first horse.  I still love him and I hope that he is just as amazing a soul in his next incarnation.

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