Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafting Bug

First off, yes this is my second blog within a week after not blogging for four months.  I have a slight lul in the workload and I am taking full advantage.

This pentacle took me quite some time to complete.  It started as just another design but I decided that I needed to meditate so I started to get intricate, and this is where I ended up. My grandmother gave me a special marker to do the super intricate stuff like the knotwork on the star and the vinework in the background.  It is one of my favorite pentacles that I have done to date.

Now to my blogging.  So recently, in the very little free time that I have, I have been on that death trap that they call Etsy, looking at all of the fun things that people craft and sell for exorbitant prices.  I never look with intent to purchase things, just to look and see what others are making. I quite enjoy going through the pagan things and seeing what all people make.  There is quite a bit of bullshit out there, but there are also some pretty good and interesting things there.  As I look through them, I think, some of these things are pretty cool, but I could totally make that on my own and make it better than they did.  I have no need to buy it from someone who is selling it for a ridiculous price.

The bad thing about Etsy, is that it awakens that part of me that wants to make things.  I love to be able to make things for myself.  It is one of my favorite parts of being a witch.  I can make most everything that I will need.  Over the summer I started my herb garden so that I could start making things for myself and using my herbs for cooking and all of that. My friends at school love my herbs and use them frequently.  Over the summer, my dearest friend and I made a list of things that we have to and want to craft for ourselves, because Ancasta shares my love of crafting.  I am of the belief that something made with one's own two hands is linked to the maker and are much more powerful than something that you just go and buy to the store.  Plus there is the added satisfaction of being able to say... "yep.  I made that. With these two hands," *holds up hands,* "I made that."  Things are never

Since I have started on my Etsy surfing, I have gotten the urge to craft, to make something with my own hands.  It is always there, but I have been so insanely busy that I havent had time to think about it.  Now it is coming back and I am yearning to do some more crafting than just what is in my art class, and I definitely do not have time for it.  What with there only being 2 and a half more weeks of class left before finals.  I have started compiling a list of crafts that I want to do.  Things that I can remember from the master list that Ancasta and I created over the summer (the list that she has), and things that I have gotten ideas for in my surfing and oogling.  I try to sate the need to craft with minor things.  I have made another batch of my headache cure, and the other day my friends and I had a steak night and I made some pretty delicious rubs for our steaks.  Sadly, that is all that I have time for in this mad rush of classes and tests and such.

I am so looking forward to winter break.  I will have all the time that I want as well as the help of Ancasta throughout my month-long break.  I am so thoroughly excited for it because this craft bug does not go away and hopefully it will be sated.

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  1. That is gorgeous!

    And glad to see you blogging again. :)