Monday, November 8, 2010

Crafting, classes, and new living arrangements

First of all, I would like to apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere for 4 months.  I haven't had much inspiration and then I got back to school and became insanely busy.  At 18 credit hours of mostly hardcore science classes, I dont think that I can be blamed for a lack of time.  I have also been lacking time for witchery, but I've managed to squeeze some in here and there.  Mostly through my art class.

First off, my rather exciting plans for next year.  Myself and 6 of my closest friends at college have just recently signed a lease on a rental house here in Findlay.  It will be so nice to finally be off campus.  Our landlord is a kindly old gentleman who is being very lenient and loves having a group of college students.  It is a 5 bedroom house that is within walking distance of campus.  One of my favorite parts is that I get my own room by virtue of the fact that I am the only man in the house.  I will have my own room that I can witchify as much as I want.  Our landlord is even allowing candles and incense, which will be awesome.  It will be an interesting experience, and I will post picture of our house as soon as I have them.

In my art class, we have done a couple of projects that are turning out to be awesome and loads of fun.  The class is called Design in Crafting, so clearly it must be awesome.  So far we have made a clay box and a vampire stake, and we have a silver ring and a salad serving set in the works.  I have been trying to incorporate witchiness into every work. For the clay box, I put some pictish spirals on it and a triskelle on top.  I love working with clay, and being able to work some of myself into every bit of it.  This box turned out very nicely, and is currently awaiting use.  The vampire stake was just to practice woodworking, but it was a fun and interesting project anyway.  The salad serving set is not quote done yet, I am still sanding them and have to cut out the tines of the spork and to scoop out the bowl of the spoon.  The project that I have been most excited about was the ring.  We first carved the ring from a wax blank.  I spent 2 weeks getting it to the right size and polishing it as much as I could. I then carved the word "Draoi" into it in ogham, the celtic tree script.  It means druid in gaelic.  I worked quite a bit of energy into the wax as I carved it and smoothed it. Then I finally got to cast it in silver this morning.  It was nowhere near a perfect cast. The mold blew out a bit, and I had to grind a lot of excess off and the bottom portion of the ring casted very poorly. There is a gaping hole in the bottom, but my teacher says we can cut the bottom out and smooth it so it will still work.  I am currently in the process of sanding and grinding it down to make it shine and make it smooth.  Our next and final project is a small panel of stained glass.

I hope that in future I will be a little better about blogging, but I cant make any promises with finals being little more than a month away.  I will definitely post pics of the final salad set and the ring.  I plan on blessing and consecrating the ring when it is done. I cannot wait.

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